Mandala Serenity

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Can you put words on perfection? We don’t think so.

This spectacular one-of-a-kind Mandala Serenity Duster is incredible. Not only stylish, it also gives the wearer a regal essences as it flows over her form. This duster can be worn over a long sleeve blouse with jeans when you want to add some flare to your casual attire, or over a dress to give it more elegance. Our Mandala Serenity Duster has strings in front to allow you to pull it closed or let it hand loose if that’s your style.

Only one Manala Serenity Duster created. Don’t let this amazing creation slip away.

Model is 5 foot – 3 inches and the back of the duster falls to mid-calf. On taller women, it will flow accordingly. The back length of the duster is 46 inches long from top of shoulder. It is the perfect fit for L/XL. Medium size women can also use it as you can overlap the front as desired.  Add your own flare with a large belt in any color.

On sale: $455  
(Regular price $495)

Size:  L/XL
Length: 46 inches from shoulders
Yarn: Acrylic & Nylon
Colors: cream white furry type light weight for base of duster with variegated red, brown, mustard yellow, green and more for the mandala and trim.

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*Due to the unique one-of-a-kind nature of all our crochet products, once this beauty is sold, there won’t be another like it. However, you are welcome to contact us to inquire about placing a Special Custom Order for a similar design.*