Passionate Woman Entrepreneur Mastermind Group

Passionate Woman Entrepreneur was created to help women develop their ideas and take their company to the next level. This Mastermind Group is perfect for the new entrepreneur who needs ideas and advise on how to start their business and where to go to next. This Mastermind Group allows participants to share their ideas, experiences, and challenges, opening the pathway to greater insight into how to make their ideas a reality and how to be great.

Passionate Woman Entrepreneur Mastermind Group provides each participant with the ability to be accountable for their company’s success. We will help you keep track of weekly tasks and goals. Accountability is paramount for any business; as it’s extremely easy to push tasks and goals till tomorrow only to discover that weeks and months have past since you set your goals and your tasks to accomplish them are still not completed–or started.

Passionate Woman Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group helps motivate you to overcome your fears and apprehensions so you GET STARTED today….now!

Each Mastermind Group member will have a chance to share their needs and company information with other participants to allow women to network amongst themselves. And member’s who complete the first 90-Day Mastermind Group phase will have their established company information added to our website page.

A private email/FB group is also available where you can provide updates on your progress and have other group members share their comments and helpful advice to you.

Our Mastermind Groups are limited to 20-participants to ensure everyone has ample time to be heard and receive advise.  

Passionate Woman Entrepreneur Mastermind is run by women for women!

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Next Group starts:
Tuesday — May 25 @ 6:00 – 7:30 pm EST (Full; not accepting participants)
Wednesday — June 23 @ 6:00 – 7:30 pm EST

Group Specifics:
*Three months minimum commitment
*Participate in Weekly Group meetings — 1.5 hours 
*Confidentiality observed
*Respectful sharing

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