Portuguese Delight Poncho

Inspired by a Portuguese designer, this poncho is handmade with light weight yarn to allow for the breeze to flow through, however add that little bit of warmth. Perfect for wearing over a turtle neck or blouse. You can even where it with a t-shirt underneath.  The sides are open at the elbow to allow for free movement. The pattern has a crew neck above, spiraling down to a fantasy deign across the bottom, ending with cute pompoms that gives it a playful flair. This is a perfect design to wear with jeans on a breezy day.   

Size: L/XL
length: 30 inches from neck to pompoms.
Elbow opening: 14 inches from neck

On sale:  $285 
(Regular Price $345)


*Due to the unique one-of-a-kind nature of all our crochet products, once this beauty is sold, there won’t be another like it. However, you are welcome to contact us to inquire about placing a Special Custom Order for a similar design.