Vintage Rainbow Lap-rug

Passionate Woman, crochet, Charley Ferrer, handmade crochet

Everyone needs a little time away…to think…to relax…to dream of the endless  possibilities for fun and pleasure. This beautiful handmade Vintage Rainbow Lap-rug is perfect for laying out in the sun, curling up on the couch on raining days while you sip on hot chocolate…or a Hot Toddy, or just taking it along on a picnic. With so many colors of the rainbow, this vintage lap-rug will wrap you in sheer delight. And though this is a great lap-rug, it’s wide enough to wrap around your shoulders and cover yourself in your very own rainbow.

This unique Vintage Rainbow Lap-rug is made with the following colors: burgundy, pumpkin, yellow, forest green, light green, baby blue, sky blue, deep purple. With a border on mixed colors. The loose crochet allows you to feel the breeze and stay warm.

56 x 38 inches

On Sale:  $325
(Regular price: $395)

*Due to the unique one-of-a-kind nature of all our crochet products, once this beauty is sold, there won’t be another like it. However, you are welcome to contact us to inquire about placing a Special Custom Order for a similar design.
*Note: the designer has indicated she will not make another copy of this Vintage Rainbow Lap-rug. Don’t let this one slip away; get it today!