HERO oils

Healing, Energizing & Revitalizing Oil Blends
* HERO  oils*

Our HERO oils are made with 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Our deliciously invigorating blends glide over your skin and begin their magic instantly, giving you the harmonizing, energizing and revitalizing effects you crave to keep you going all day or help you relax your night away. All our HERO Oil blends, as we affectionately call them, come in beautiful glass bottles of 5 or 10 ml along with a little pouch to carry them in. Some bottles also have an attachable strap so you can hang it from your keychain, your pants, or your phone case. Below is a list of our HERO oil blends.

Golden Sunrise Energy Relief
SLEEP Empowered Focus
Winter is Coming!

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All our HERO oils come in roller bottles for easy application. We use ONLY 100% pure therapeutic grade oils which are non-toxic with no synthetics nor fillers. Sure it costs us a little more to make our HERO oils, but YOUR worth it!

Passionate Woman’s HERO oils are 100% all natural therapeutic grade oils. We selected the finest essential oils for all our products. All our essential oils were chosen for their harmonizing, energizing, and revitalizing properties. Thus, what else could we call them but HEROs. Our HERO oils are not meant as medical treatment. As always, consult your physician for all medical issues. If you are allergic to any of the products mentioned below, please do not use our products: lemon, lime, vetiver, bergamot, jasmine, frankincense, coconut oil, lavender, cinnamon, clove, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil; and more. You’re welcome to email us with any questions. contact us.

REFUNDS: Due to the nature of our product, we are not allowed to accept returns, therefore there are no refunds available. However if there is an issue with your Body Scrubs or HERO oil blends, please contact us to discuss in-store credit and alternatives. We do not reimburse shipping costs.