Strength — Body Scrub

STRENGTH is ever changing…ever present…it’s within!
This unique blend of Body Scrub was created specifically for women with cancer by our founder, who was also diagnosed with breast and thyroid cancer. However, Strength is perfect for every woman who needs a little extra vitality in her life and wants to re-ignite the warrior within.

Our special signature blend of STRENGTH is full of jasmine, peppermint and a combination of several other essential oils specifically tailored to help you take charge, kick some butt, and get things done. Remember, there’s also strength in kicking your feet up and relaxing! (Special note: pregnant women should consult their physician before using any products rich in jasmine oil.)

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Passionate Woman’s(TM)  Body Scrubs are FREE of GMO’s, preservatives and toxins! We use ONLY 100% pure organic ingredients! All our plastic containers are PET/BPA Free! Though you may find cheaper body scrubs out there, you will NOT find better quality! Sure it costs us a little more to make, but YOUR worth it!

Caution: Our Body Scrubs are jam-packed with our special blend of foundation oils. Be careful when using them in the tub or shower to avoid slips and falls.

REFUNDS: Due to the nature of our product, there are no refunds. However if there is an issue with your Body Scrubs or HERO oil blends, please contact us to discuss in-store credit and alternatives. We do not reimburse shipping costs.

November 1, 2018