Sell your Products with us!

Passionate Woman offers a place for you to sell your products or services to other women!  We offer you a place where you can sell your wonderful creations, sell products from others, or share your Twice Loved Treasures. Passionate Women offers a place to reach other like-minded women. 

Below are the specifics to get you started. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Cost to sell your products:
There is a one-time $15 investment charge per item. No monthly or yearly costs. No commissions to pay. Nothing extra. Your $15 investment covers the following:

  • We create a page on the website for each item, (including pictures and details)
    (click here for example:
  • Link to similar pages (ie: blankets & afghans, shawls, baby items, etc.)
  • Shopping cart services (unless you have a cart of your own you wish to use)
  • Information about you, along with your contact information
    (We do not act as a “middle-man.” We let you do all the negotiating.)
  • A special Note on your page to let buyers know if you’re willing to do a custom order or if this is the only item available
  • NO commission to pay!
  • We help you set the appropriate price for each item, if necessary
  • The item stays on the website forever! 
    (We will put a big SOLD sign on each item once it’s purchased. It stays on the list so people can see it and look for other similar items from you.)

Costs per Item:  
$15 for 1-item
$30 for 3-items
$50 for 5-items 
More than 5-items, contact us

Featured Entrepreneur.
If you have more than five (5) items, we can create a special page just for you and your items. Contact us for further details.

How do you get paid?
Once the item is sold, you will be paid through our Paypal account.
As Passionate Woman, Inc. is an established business, we must adhere to NYS sales tax laws. We will charge sales tax for each item and pay it directly to NYS/NYC. We will deduct PayPal service fees/shopping cart transaction fees we incur from the total cost of the item. The rest is yours and will be paid to you immediately upon confirmation of each sell. As stated before, there are NO commission fees or anything other fees. The money is yours to enjoy! Refunds and returns are your responsibility.   

You are responsible for all returns and refunds.

*  We recommend you add the shipping cost to your purchase price, if possible, so you can offer “FREE” shipping or we can set a flat fee of approximately $6.95 which is sent to you to cover costs

* Crochet items only:  Because the crochet items are bulky, we offer an $18 flat fee for shipping on each crochet item. This $18 is forwarded to you to help you cover shipping costs.

* If your item is larger and/or you’ve negotiated with the buyer to have them pick-up the item, it’s up to you to refund the shipping costs to them or charge additional costs for shipping.  (Contact us for additional shipping costs.) You can also offer FREE shipping which buyers love; especially on high ticket items.

Every item stays in your possession till sold. If you sell it on your own, let us know and we’ll put a “Sold” sign on the listing page. No, we will not refund your $15 investment if you sell the item elsewhere.

It is your responsibility to ensure your items are of the highest quality and shipped professionally. Individuals who do not maintain our high standard of quality will be dropped or limited in what they sell. Keep in mind, buyers will be able to comment on your product page about their experience. We want Passionate Woman to become a place where buyers can count on quality; we look to you to help us achieve and maintain that goal.

Twice Loved Treasures
These items can be anything you wish to sell. Beanie Babies, Vintage Comics, records, book collections, etc. All items should be well maintained. Any issues, damage etc., should be noted on your product page. You are responsible for setting your own price and revealing the quality of the item.   (Same pricing per item as noted above.)