Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs
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Discover the amazing Women Entrepreneurs’ businesses, services, and resources listed below. This resource guide links you to women owned businesses. (We are currently creating/updating this page with more businesses’ information, thus please check back often.)

Cancer Tamer Foundation

Cancer Tamer is dedicated to helping women with breast cancer. They host a television talk show series and produced several documentaries on breast cancer. They published several books geared toward living and thrive despite breast cancer.
Passionate Woman, Las Comadres Para Las Americas, Charley Ferrer
Las Comadres Para Las Americas
Las Comadres is a nationally known Latina organization empowering women to be actively engaged in the growing Latino/Hispanic communities through online and face to face networks. Las Comadres also hosts the National Latino Book Club


Passionate Woman Entrepreneurs

provides valuable education to help women start their own Home-Based Businesses; conducts a Private Investment Tank opportunity for participants in their entrepreneur series, and conducts Mastermind Empowerment Groups.
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